About the Project

Two filmmakers join two adventure seekers and their baby on a journey through Central America looking for answers beyond the horizon of our society. Filmmakers Marnix Smalbil (Jean d'Orie) and Martijn Josephs set out to make this adventure-seeking documentary called ‘Achter De Horizon. The film was partly crowdfunded and partly funded by commercial partners such as RTV Oost and Voys Telecom. Besides the documentary the crew also produced a series of vlogs to support their backers along the journey.

Watch the full documentary here.
More information about the crowdfunding campaign here.


Clients: RTV Oost / Voys Telecom / Crowdfunding
Animations: Peter Illes
Sound Design : Harmen Smit
Music Composers : Jeffrey van Rossum & Thijs Morsink
Producers: Diana Zwerink -Vermeij & Steven Zwerink
Subtitles : Peter Elfrink
Editing supervisor: Claudia Tellegen
Grading: Michiel Hoofdman
Filmed, Directed and Edited by Martijn Josephs & Marnix Smalbil