Jean d’ Orie is an allround media collective based in the Netherlands.
Together we combine our expertise in video, animation, sound, & interactive development into multi-media superpowers.

Below you can find a selection of our work. Click on an image to get some more background information.

  • Limelight

    E-Commerce, Graphic Design & Interior Photography 2018

  • Achter de Horizon

    Documentary 2017

  • Teisseire

    WPK 2016

  • Architectural

    Compilation 2018

  • Eefje de Visser

    Maxmana 2015

  • 3D Product Visualization

    Phenox 2015

One of the perks of a creative collective is having access to an extensive network of creatives. This way Jean d’ Orie is always able to find the best solutions for the clients needs. This means assembling the right team for the job, involving the client throughout the whole production process and being able to deliver professional cross-media productions.

Marnix Smalbil

Film maker & Allround Creative

Harmen Smit

Sound, Animation & Code

Péter Illés

3D & Allround Creative